BOILER ROOM Mutek Mexico live set

Multi-coloured melodies and rhythms from one of the key runners behind the acclaimed Erased Tapes label.


Erased Tapes presents a Show Love film directed by Peter Crosby and filmed at Rough Trade NYC. 

ODYSSEY Official Music Video

"For the video I wanted to create something that was electronic in aesthetic, but through more 'organic' methods, for want of a better word. I wanted the video to compliment the tracks real sample recordings as well as its analogue elements, so I set about collecting various real world objects, such as different shaped glass goblets and running various different light sources through them. I then set about contrasting this imagery with some analogue equiptemnt of my own, in the form of an old circuit bent video processor. Through this, I was able to glitch and corrupt the organic flowing visuals, in a manner that I was able to control and keep reactive to the music." – Michael Zoidis, video director